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No New Posts Must Read!

- Welcome to Ravaged Sootopolis, where the life of Pokémon in the city is uncovered. This part of the site is very important. It includes the rules and general information about the site. Please, please read this before doing anything around this forum. Other than posting in the c-box, maybe.

4 4 * Credits
by Ex
Aug 6, 2010 20:35:14 GMT -5
No New Posts News and Updates

- Where you can find all the news and updates you'll ever need on Ravaged Sootopolis. If something interesting happens, you can bet it will be here. News and updates are separated into in-character and out of character by a sub-board. Make sure you check here whenever there's a new thread.

Sub-board: In-Character News

3 12 Activity Check - September 2010
by Ex
Oct 8, 2010 18:07:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Member and Staff Interaction

- If you are a member looking for help or to help, you will be looking for this place. Here, members may ask questions pertaining to site content only, and even offer their help. Any question can be asked and any offer can be given. You may even want to suggest a plot or a new mechanic to the in-character world. Guest friendly.

Sub-boards: Questions, Comments and Volunteering

6 21 * Attack List Changes
by Ex
Sept 27, 2010 21:20:11 GMT -5
No New Posts A high place...

- An area hidden from members; only staff members may post here. What lies beyond the soaring clouds?

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No New Posts Archives

- Threads grow old and die out quickly. All of those threads which are now inactive will be move here for others to view. This board is locked so you can no longer post in these threads. It is not sorted out so you'll have to search each page by hand. May we suggest using Crlt+F?

Sub-boards: OOC Archives, Character Archives, IC Archives

25 122 Dragoon
by Ex
Aug 23, 2010 14:36:05 GMT -5

In Character

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No New Posts Character Closet

- To start role playing in character, you have to make yourself a character. There are various sub-boards designed to ease the making of characters. Please follow them and do not post anywhere you're not supposed to. Remember, all unfinished character profiles aren't posted in the finished board. They are kept in the unfinished pile and can be copy and pasted to the finished board once completed.

Sub-boards: Accepted Characters, Finished Characters, Unfinished Characters

41 75 Tempest the Vulpix
by tempest
Apr 14, 2011 1:40:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Factions

- Within Sootopolis, there are many different factions. These do not only contain the two rival gangs, but also a powerful Castform group and varieties of guilds formed by other Pokémon. For a list, please come here.

Sub-boards: Gangs and the Aureole, Guilds, Parties

10 18 The Gardener's Web
by Bunny
Jul 21, 2010 13:19:49 GMT -5

Out of Character

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No New Posts General Board

- You can talk about anything here. Really. Sort of. Hold regular conversations, talk about the latest news, and all that stuff. Try and keep away from full blown SPAM. There's a board made for that. Post anything here that doesn't seem to fit in any other board.

7 108 making arrangements.
by insert pretentious name here
Aug 6, 2010 15:32:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliating and Advertising

- Guest friendly, obviously. The gangs in Sootopolis grow by affiliating with stray Pokémon and small parties. Similarly, forums grow by helping other forums gain members through placing another site's button on the front page or advertising in the advertisement board. Guest and members may do that here. Remember to check if your site already has an ad here, advertisers.

Sub-boards: Affiliate, First Time Advertisements, Linking Back Advertisements

197 293 Pledge: An AU Pokemon RP
by Oniwanbashu
Jun 6, 2018 1:13:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Attendance

- Sometimes, you will leave for a while and, sadly, might leave permanently. Here, you will be able to alert us if you are going for periods of time. Please leave an approximate leave and return date if you are going for a trip or something. Also, new members are free to introduce themselves and have experienced members answer them, answering all their newbie questions.

Sub-board: Introductions

10 15 why am i bothering?
by Ex
Oct 14, 2010 15:12:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Art Gallery

- There are among us people who have amazing talents in the creative fields. They are encouraged to show off their art work here. Art, of course, is not limited to drawing and spriting. Fanfictions are more than welcome around here, as are other forms of literature. Often, people put up art shops where requests may be made.

2 3 ( ex ) -ceptional sprites [and others]
by Ex
Aug 12, 2010 21:02:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Member Profiles

- Often, members want to know more about each other. This place is where they can learn. Here, members post profiles about themselves: there is no sheet to fill out and it is not mandatory on this forum. It gives members a good chance to tell everyone about themselves. They can also post a listing of their characters if their signature is too small to fit the URLs. Remember, this is different than just posting a hello and having everyone welcome you to RS. These are actually profiles, similar to character profiles, but obviously different. Feel free to comment, but be respectful.

1 1 ( . let's KILL THE LIGHTS . )
by Ex
Jul 10, 2010 19:08:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Alternate Role Plays

- Sometimes, just role playing the same thing all over again gets boring. Here, you can role play whatever you want. Remember to include a set of rules for your own role play, especially if the genre is different. Try to keep everything to PG-16, diverting from graphic scenes. We would all prefer to keep our lunches inside our stomachs. Thanks. Guest friendly.

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No New Posts Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM)

- For things that don't mean anything. Whatever people will see as pointless to put anywhere. One word messages (not including the ever famous Word Association), Twitter-like updates... those sort of small, useless posts that you just felt like screaming out. Posts are not counted here. Have fun running around being as random as possible. Guest friendly. These are not the advertising boards! They can be found here.

9 65 BALLS
by harold
Jan 4, 2011 7:34:44 GMT -5

Sootopolis City

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No New Posts Sootopolis Central Market

- Sootopolis Central Market is a beehive of activity. Humans swarm the place, buying food grown from the mainland. Despite the grocery stores dotting Sootopolis' hard landscape, there is something about an open market that attracts crowds. It overlooks the lake and Sootopolis Gym. A few smaller Pokémon will appear on less busy days to steal food, which is surprisingly easy. The central market has seen it's fair share of gang fights, but humans have since stationed police to ward off any vicious Pokémon. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

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No New Posts Downtown

- Downtown Sootopolis is a throng of tall buildings and people. After all, it is the main business section of Sootopolis City, and humans like to shop often. Pokémon very rarely wander here, and even if they do, they usually get lost. Cars pass through dangerously, making crossing roads difficult, and most humans would attack a wild Pokémon if they saw one around the futuristic buildings. There are rumours of Pokémon being kidnapped surrounding a certain building. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

Sub-board: A suspicious building...

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No New Posts Sootopolis Western Market

- Due to the constant squabbles around the central market, a new market has opened to the west of the city. It's still as open as ever with stalls containing mostly fruits, although other kinds of merchandise appear more often than not. Less people swarm here, but it is steadily gaining popularity due to the relative peace. The Pokémon have gotten smarter and quietly swipe things, although if members of opposing factions appear, fights may begin. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

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No New Posts Whitecrystal Avenue

- To the east is a little neighbourhood on Whitecrystal Avenue. There really isn't much to say about this place other than that it's quiet and relatively peaceful. The houses are modest in appearance, except for a rather large house that was built over a Pokémon day care after the owner left. Some of these houses are more eerie than others, being abandoned and not renovated for questionable reasons. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

Sub-board: 3 Whitecrystal Avenue

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No New Posts Abandoned Multi-storey Car Park

- Essentially, a bunch of parking lots stacked onto each other. It's three levels tall and abandoned by humans, but Pokémon use it often. The main center of the Fireworks Gang, the three levels of open space are enough room for the group of troublesome fire-types. It's usually empty in the day, but springs to life at night. Most Pokémon know not to get too close, less because the fire-types might attack, and more because a stray firework will probably smash their face in. Hey, they're called the Fireworks Gang for a reason. WARNING! FIREWORKS GANG TERRITORY

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No New Posts Sootopolis Summit

- Sootopolis is a city inside of the crater of a hopefully dead volcano. As a result, there is bound to be a part of the crater that goes higher than any other. This point is to the north of Sootopolis. The Sootopolis Summit extends a few meters higher than any other place on Sootopolis. The squishy Pokémon known as Castform dwell here. It is the main base of the Aureole. From here, they can see all of Sootopolis City, and it is very hard for Pokémon to get up here. WARNING! THE AUREOLE TERRITORY

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No New Posts The Lake

- Sootopolis City has a lake in its center. This is common knowledge. It is also common knowledge that it is teeming with every kind of Water-type imaginable. The network of caverns below the surface form the main center of the Tsunami Gang, where the large amount of members make their home. Because it's the only way in and out of the city without wings or maybe a helicopter, the locals are used to people passing through and normally won't give them too much trouble as long as they stick close to the surface...but Mew help you if you're a Fire-type. WARNING! TSUNAMI GANG TERRITORY

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No New Posts Secluded Cove

- Along the rock cliffs that form the city's boundaries, many small inlets can be found. This is one of them, a relatively large cove that due to the surrounding cliffs is hidden from view from the main lake; unless you know what to look for, it can be difficult to spot. Within the inlet there is a small bay, a dock...and, usually, a ship. Despite technically being Tsunami Gang territory, it's usually used by an allied guild instead. WARNING! TSUNAMI GANG TERRITORY

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No New Posts Zabat Resort

- At one time, a small forest used to be by the lake. It was home to grass-types, not too long ago, and they used to be one of the gangs. Indeed, their power was on par with the Tsunami and Fireworks Gang. However, about a year ago, the forest was taken down in order to build this resort. It crawls with humans who wish to visit Sootopolis. People and Pokémon alike are displeased with the tearing down of the small forest, but life can be such a cruel mistress... NEUTRAL TERRITORY

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No New Posts Festival of the Three Frontiers

- The Festival of the Three Frontiers is an annual circus that takes place twice each year. It's one of Sootopolis' major tourist attractions. Normally, the grounds are left alone, and come to life around the summer and winter solstice. A number of Pokémon enjoy coming here when human janitors aren't cleaning up, and things can become quite exciting in the blink of an eye. The Fireworks Gang would claim the area as their own, but after the last time the place nearly burst into flames... well. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

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No New Posts Dancing Shadow Cavern

- The Fireworks Gang's main headquarters is in their parkade, especially if they want to parade around and cause mischief. However, for the fire-types who are looking for peace and need a quiet place to rest, this is the place to go. The entrance to the cavern is located in the western wall of the volcano and hidden by garbage. A number of the Fireworks Gang's guilds tend to hover around here. It's name Dancing Shadow because the fires cause shadows to flicker on the walls. WARNING! FIREWORKS GANG TERRITORY

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No New Posts Emerald Park

- Another tourist destination, Emerald Park host a variety of rare Pokémon not normally found in the Hoenn Region. It's basically a large garden. Many Pokémon visit here due to the peace and sweet scents in the air. Many of the refugees from the forest that existed before Zabat Resort came here. Pokémon can also find a... café if they search around the rose bushes. NEUTRAL TERRITORY

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No New Posts The Cave of Origin

- The greatest known feature of Sootopolis and one of the most sacred places in the world, the Cave of Origin is said to be able to revive spirits. It's normally guarded by humans and their Pokémon, but sneaking in is possible. Within its dark interior is a labyrinth of darkness and fog. Most of the time, all there is too see is a difficult to find room illuminated by red and blue crystals with an empty, shallow pool in the ground. A few adventures say otherwise, however. SACRED TERRITORY! CANNOT BE CLAIMED

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